Saturday, September 4, 2010

Glimpse of an Epic Haven

I was planning to go straight home after my class. But truly, i can't resist someone asking me come by the library. While waiting for her to finish what she's writing i went over from Cosmopolitan to some other good reading materials like National GeographicJournals. On spur of moment something caught my attention. It's the Valley of the Whales.

Valley of the Whales- An Egyptian desert, once an ocean, holds the secret to one of evolution's most remarkable transformation.

Whale's jaws

Up-close, these images look too scary.

However, i still, want to go there. And I'm actually thinking of including that to my what-i-should-have-done-before-i-turn-30 list.

Another random post.

Right after, we went to DQ at P. Noval to play Frozen Throne's cs version thing, I really don't know what it's called, then, QBs favorite- L4D. Now that's what i call extreme.