Saturday, April 23, 2011

I just got back from Pampanga few hour ago.

It’s shitty that I had always thought of having this Cognitive Decline when I can actually remember plentiful vivid memories.

I went really nostalgic when I saw what used to be our home at Lemens, Mabalacat, Pampanga, that I even ended up being teased by my sister Joanna when I told her about that.

It’s more like an ancestral house though it doesn’t really seem like one because it has quite modern -ISH interior.

The nipa hut in the garden, what used to be my chill out spot, aside from the place alone being considerably relaxing already, was no longer there.

I saw the phone nook, also one of my favorite spots, haha, I used to spend hours and wee hours there, you would’ve told me to go get a hobby.

The tunnel-like path towards the garage room and the very traditional yet still functioning water pump just beside it.

The white cabinet, our cubbyhole. Nuf said.

The Beautiful beautiful Orchids, Bermuda grass have already been covered by cobble stones, and some other plants were already removed/replaced.

The Samurais and The small arms I’m not sure if Blunderbusses or Carbines.

And Everything that’s remained there, all precious, they’ve been there since forever along with the memories and stories I’ve had in that place growing up.

***I still can’t quite figure how to put videos and pictures in a tumblr text post, I would if I could. Not much of a tech savvy here.

Entirely, my Holy Week’s been fruitful, I got to internalize more than usual. I witnessed an actual ‘penitensya’. I was able to spend time with my relatives and my cute little cousins. At some point I realized that I should be a more proud ate not only because of my sibs but also because all my baby cousins(that’s what I opt to call them because I’m the eldest among my maternal cousins) are really smart. I have a sightless toddler cousin, he’s really adorable, he has his other ways of coping up with his condition. I love how I’m looking like a family oriented person here, I really am anyway. :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

This is the best feeling I’ve had since April begun. Maybe acceptance is what I really needed and I think I’m close to having it, just when that happens I hope that’ll go as well for the upcoming days. I’ve always wanted too much but as I turn a year older just hours away, so is my maturity keeping with it, I realized that it wouldn’t hurt if I also consider circumstances, much more when it involves people I love.

At some point in our life we get to encounter shackles of love, as for me, when I was just about to give up, my Christian faith that I’ve just recovered guided me. Some may find this quite hackneyed but there’s no way I’d be ashamed of this. ‘Thank God’ is what my mind kept on reiterating.