Friday, December 10, 2010

DAY 3: My Parents

"Your parents may not be the most perfect one. But they are the most perfect gift God ever given you."-from Twitter

December 9th 2010, yes just yesterday, they celebrated their Anniversary. And here's a worth sharing story for the 3rd day of challenge.

"there's special providence in the fall of a sparrow,"-Shakespeare

That quote from Shakespeare speaks out what actually happened that day. Things weren't going so well but for some inexplicable reason came a tidal shift of the situation. Blessing in disguise it is. So, to elucidate your confounded minds the story went like this:

My friend, Nicole, and I were supposed to go shopping that day. The reason why for weeks I've been in my best penny-pinching self. But because of our Advanced(ChE) Math quiz the following day(today) we just decided to postpone it. After my classes, instead of going straight home or eating somewhere near UST, what utmost we should likely be doing, i went to my Thursdays soul searching commitment, The Doulos for Christ's wildsons. When I got home, i saw my sad mum, then i realized she knew i had forgotten. Without hesitation, it was already 9 or 10pm, I went out to buy them cake and ice cream. All my savings were spent but i felt fulfilled.

I know this isn't about my parents entirely but worthy enough to be published.

Sometimes, things happen because it's fated to make another person happy. And whichever way you look at it, the fulfillment you get right after is even greater than any forms of joy.

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