Sunday, August 29, 2010

First time in a long time; my new gym buddy.

Early this afternoon my cousin called me, she asked me if i want to go to the gym. Really timely, because just last night, mum reprimanded me because of my eating habits. It was already 6pm when we arrived at SM North EDSA. I thought we'll be doing gym activities already, then, she told me, we're just gonna look for a gym and register, anyway, we just dropped by Nike for her to buy shoes, shirt, and shorts, because she wasn't able to bring proper attire, so, we can start already. She spent 7k, as always, she never fails to shock me with such matters. She also paid for my registration fee of 1.7k. If you're reading this, thank you. :)

Sorry, the pictures are blurred because i just took them with my w890i.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy Birthday to the Best Grandad in the World. :)

My professor once told us that it is better to be feared than to be loved. Most people say the otherwise, that it is better to be loved than be feared. Whichever way, i know someone who exudes the beauty of each aforesaid. He is more than feared and love. He is the epitome of greatness. He is my inspiration. He is a benefactor to what i am now. And I love him so much that no word best describes it. He is my grand father, grandad as he prefers to be called. :)

Growing up, my parents constantly reminds me how grateful i should be for everything I have right now. That everything includes the people i cherish, the people who never misguided me, grandad, for one, taught me to aim high and strive for more, for better. This is not an all-flattery-for-him blog, but that's actually what you're likely to read in here because as much as he wants everything to fall at their right places-- perfect, the goodness of his craft seems to reflect on his actions. And i got to say that that made me and my siblings especially joanna grow accordingly. As a child, though being the eldest grand-daughter, was never exempted to his disciplinary actions. Indeed, we have gone through different whirlwind situations in the past, but i regret nothing, because a journey with him is a learning experience, as i look at things, those just happened because he wants us to be stronger.

He's been residing in USA for years now but he never fails to be there for us. He could define the word supportive. :) But kidding aside, he truly is the best grandad, because whatever his grand child would like to do, to pursue, from pageants of my sister to my studies, birthday gifts- sony vaio laptop, cash, any financial support he could give, he gave it whole-heartedly at the expense of his cars. Oh i know how much he loves cars, but because i can't afford it yet, here goes the blog expressing my gratitude and my love. :)

Grandad, Happy Birthday. I wish you all the best because that's what you deserve. I love you so much. Thank you for being so supportive. I know, it's been ages since the last time we saw you, but in our hearts you were never apart, though we keep on missing you. We are always here for you. and We hope to see you soon. God bless.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

People who hardly complain barely feel the deadweight

My kick-ass saturday's never complete without micro-blogging. Just perfect to top off the prelim week, writing makes me stress-free.

There's this "we are the masters of our lives" thought that i just can't get off my mind right now. Earlier this afternoon, it also made me realize something that i already posted in my facebook status, it went like this, people who hardly complain barely feel the deadweight. That's what i realized, and just to make myself clear here, it's not a copy-and-paste thing. Usually, prelim week stresses me, but it wasn't true for the one i just had. As much as I'm appreciative about that i also feel anxious. I believe I gave up my vices for a better study habit so i'm assuming things have just gotten better now than last semester that's why, or could it be that I'm just used to getting through difficulties that i already can't distinguish which is hard and which is not. I'm not so sure about the latter. All I know is that, now, I'm a changed person, I'm better, I make myself more productive, I sleep a lot, I manage my time so well, rooms for unpleasant things got fewer, and I'm happy. Truly, It's a matter of choice,the burden just depends on how you view your life and how you live it. If we feel eveything's falling just right where they're supposed to be, good vibrations will just keep on coming. But if we doom ourselves by negativity, nothing will happen, at the end of the day, instead of moving forward we see ourselves tripped over by a humps of complaints.